Sunday, 1 May 2016

WOW, what happened here? Manila-port

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Long Beach: Pioneer of the Future

Long Beach: Pioneer of the Future. Source: YouTube

A video released by the Port of Long Beach looks at a few key projects that are currently taking place in and around the port as part of the 2016 State of the Port address, presented by Jon Slangerup, CEO of the Port of Long Beach.

The most recent project is the ‘Middle Harbor Terminal’, which is a US$1.3 billion project aimed at transforming an existing terminal into a high-tech facility.
Jon Slangerup said: “It is the vision of those who came before us that got us here. We now need the courage to think in new ways and make bold decisions that fly in the face of convention.
“Together, we have the opportunity to transform the Port of Long Beach from a world-class port into the world’s best port.”

(Source: Port of Long Beach / YouTube)
Watch the 'State of the Port' address below:

(Source: Port of Long Beach / YouTube)

LYDIA EVA being towed from Lowestoft 30/4/16

LYDIA EVA YH89 the last surviving steam drifter of the herring fleet based at great under tow she left Lowestoft and headed back to great yarmouth.

Paul Hiett