Tuesday, 12 December 2017

This is why huge plumes of black smoke were seen over Liverpool this morning

Huge plumes of black smoke could be seen across Liverpool this morning, with Merseysiders believing there was a huge fire coming from a chemical and oil tanker berthed at Bootle Docks. 
Dozens of people contacted the ECHO to say they had seen what appeared to be a major blaze in the industrial area.
But the reality - that the thick smoke, visible for hours, is believed to be from a routine procedure - has caused even more frustration for nearby residents.
People living and working nearby were outraged at the smoke, which dock workers explained began “after the ship switched on its engines”.
The huge vessel, owned and operated by Chemship, completed its journey from Turkey to Bootle at 6am on Tuesday, according to tracking site Marine Traffic.

Video can be viewed via this link

Thick black smoke coming from the funnels of the Chemical Marketer ship in Bootle Docks

The huge black clouds were spotted over the city around three hours later and it was originally believed a fire had started at the docks.

One man living nearby told the ECHO “there was a terrible oily burning smell in the air” as the smoke spread across the area.
He added: “The whole area was just covered. Thick black smoke was blowing over the houses.”

Smoke seen above Liverpool (pic via Radio City)
Smoke seen above Liverpool (pic via Radio City)

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service confirmed that there was no emergency incident at the docks and they were not in attendance. 
It was then revealed an 8,000-tonne called Chemical Marketer, berthed in Bootle, was the catalyst for the plume.

The owner of a car wash close to the docks said the fumes could be an environmental hazard.
He tweeted a picture of the vessel and stated “send that away from us ASAP”.

Thick black smoke coming from the funnels of the Chemical Marketer ship in Bootle Docks

It is not currently known when the ship is due to leave the port.

Chemship and Peel Ports, who run the docks, have been contacted for comment.

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