Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Mayhem in Durban harbor 2 VLCS aground VIDEO

Mayhem in Durban harbor, South Africa, brought by strong storm, started at around 0900 UTC Oct 10. Container ship SM NEW YORK ran aground in Durban Harbor shortly after unmooring, MSC INES and MSC SUSANNA seems to be troubled while maneuvering in harbor, both vessels were to leave port, character of accidents unclear. Later it came out, that MSC INES also ran aground, perpendicular to port channel, and blocked the port. MSC SUSANNA was taken under control, with the help of several tugs, and berthed at opposite to her previous berth pier. Tanker BOW TRIUMPH ran aground either after broking off moorings, or while trying to leave harbor. As of 1330 UTC all three vessels remained aground.

Container ship SM NEW YORK, IMO 9461465, dwt 102518, capacity 8586 TEU, built 2010, flag Liberia.
Container ship MSC INES, IMO 9305714, dwt 114733, capacity 9100 TEU, built 2006, flag Panama, manager Mediterranean Shipping Company.
Container ship MSC SUSANNA, IMO 9290543, dwt 117096, capacity 9200 TEU, built 2005, flag Panama, manager Mediterranean Shipping Company.
Product tanker BOW TRIUMPH, IMO 9669902, dwt 49622, built 2015, flag Norway, manager Odfjell Management AS.

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Lol MSC INES decides to berth on the side of the road and empty containers flying off the depot...kuthi soyithola nje Bonus makunje.🤔

#DurbanStorm massive ship breaks mooring and blocks harbour channel
Durban - The container ship MSC Ines brook from its mooring in heavy storm weather this morning and lodge itself on a sandbank, blocking the channel to shipping.
Yachts in the harbour too suffered heavy damage with members of the Royal Natal Yacht Club working overtime to secure vessels in the howling winds. There was also damage to roofs, guttering and a wall fell onto a vehicle at the marina.
Reports indicate that three ships have run aground in Durban harbour and that all vessel movements have been suspended. No injuries have been reporter.
The Port Authority will issue a statement shortly.
Meanwhile at least five hospitals have been adversely affected by the heavy rains. King Edward, Addington, King Dinuzulu and Wentworth and Prince Mshiyeni Memorial hospitals have borne the brunt of the storm.
The KZN department of Health said management at these health facilities are currently assessing the extent of the damage and are doing all they can to ensure patient care and safety. The Department urged people who do not have serious ailments to delay their visits to the affected hospitals.
The South African Weather service said to expect the rains to continue into this evening.
A major rain-producing weather system known as a cut-off law has been around for the past few days, according to Aslam Sardiwalla, meteorologist and weather forecaster at SA Weather Services, based at King Shaka Airport.
"What's made it so intense is the existence of a deep surface low off the coast. It has enhanced the effect of the system and intensified it. Hence the heavy downpour. Out to sea it's worse."
Sea conditions are terrible, he said.
"It's very rough to high. At the airport we've had winds of up to 120km/h.
Sardiwalla said the rain should ease off late tonight and tomorrow should see partly cloudy conditions.

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3 hrs
MSC Ines aground in the Durban harbour approach channel!

Mayhem in Durban harbor Update 4 ships were grounded

As of 1700 UTC Oct 10, situation in harbor looks like it’s under control. MSC INES was refloated, moved from fairway and about to be berthed. SM NEW YORK was also refloated and is already berthed. BOW TRIUMPH also refloated, berthed. There is another vessel which fell victim to strong wind, it’s bulk carrier MARITIME NEWANDA. According to one source, she drifted aground after breaking off moorings. According to another, inside, source, she drifted into nearby barge, probably anchored, and was stuck to barge. Bulk carrier seems to remain in the same position.
Bulk carrier MARITIME NEWANDA, IMO 9302798, dwt 55820, built 2005, flag Panama, manager TRANSOCEAN GRABBULK POOL.

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