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Posting this on behalf of Svein Lundeng / Dockers Hangarounds and the IDC

Dear all IDC Members,

Friday, June 2, 2017. Following the actions of the Spanish Employers Association, the Spanish trade union Coordinadora has decided to proceed with a strike NEXT 5/7/9 June for 12 HOURS. 
IDC will heed the strike advisory and will remain alert- with their full attention- in order to follow new developments of the Spanish situation. We will alert our IDC members to any future developments. 
In response to this advisory, a Maersk ship was already diverted from the Port of Algeciras to the Port of Tangier. We ask that all IDC members be aware of ships that may be diverted from Spain, and to not work accept these ships in their ports.
I would like to extend my gratitude to the international dockworkers community and to the individuals who have stood alongside Spanish Dockworkers amidst their struggle to defend their professions. 
IDC will continue to support dockworkers everywhere in their struggle, and iterates their steadfast commitment to Coordinadora, who has demonstrated- yet again- strength in unity.
In solidarity, 
Jordi Aragunde
IDC General Coordinator

The sinking, part 1
So I'm gonna start this post, the collapse of the citizens of Europe, to make way for the Europe of the traders of slaves of the twenty-first century
We start there, in the European crisis caused by jpmorgan and the collapse of Lehman brothers that caused the huge global crisis of the first decade of the s. XXI.
The least prepared, the pigs, sank without remedy, and the merchants of Europe didn't want to take charge, it's more, while Germany obliged Greece to draconian cuts, forced them to buy frigates and other weaponry milmillonarios with costs, a sort of Future blackmail.
" while Greece has been forced to implement massive cuts in wages, pensions and public spending, the pressures of the European commission, the international monetary fund and the European Central Bank not to slow their payments to suppliers of arms, it is Driving the country into a systematic impoverishment. Greece is the country that spends the most on weapons in Europe "
Since the Europe of the merchants, they didn't want to help Greece, they threw themselves into the arms of China, by allowing and encouraging the purchase of European debt of those countries in crisis by the Chinese government. The consequences in the form of interest not long in coming.
" Beijing (Efecom).- The Chinese government, which in recent months has bought public debt of European countries in crisis today, expressed his desire to lift the embargo Brussels sale of arms and recognises the Asian country like an economy Market."
This was the beginning of everything, China wanted to expand in Europe, but not at the cost of Europe, but the Chinese price, their salaries, and their working conditions, and of course without rights.
European refusal to help tsipras, this is "sell" to the Chinese in a afan in European authorities and that they give in, but everything has gone beyond because by the looks of it to Europe little or nothing has mattered Mortgage Greece to China.
" the first minister heleno claims that his government supported the Asian Giant's investments in Greece. And offered as a gateway to Europe."
"Greece is asking for financial aid to China and used as an intermediary to Goldman Sachs"
" the 25.000 million euros that Greece would have offered to the state fund of Chinese currency accounts for 25 percent of the debt of this country in 2008, according to data from the European Central Bank.
Greece's debt currently round the € 300.000 billion, amount that rating agencies consider risk-the Greek government cannot refinance."
" last week was completed the privatisation of the port of Piraeus, the largest commercial port in Greece. The buyer is the Chinese group company limited, and the transaction was done for a total value of 368,5 million euros, in two phases. "
" the benefits for the Greek state will be really low, so that the proceeds of the sale of a major trading port in the country can only be for two weeks of interest."
Because it has been awarded to China so much power in Europe, why is that?
" wen jiabao urging German Chancellor Angela Merkel to resolving " URGENT " the crisis of sovereign debt, which has led to Greece on the verge of bankruptcy and primed with Portugal, Italy and Spain."
China has become the banker of the western world:
" with $ 3,2 trillion (2,3 billion euro), China has the largest reserves of foreign currency in the world. Of them, some $ 2 TRILLION (1,5 billion euros) are treasury bonds issued by the us federal reserve and $ 800.000 million (608.573 million) are European. Along with Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, it is estimated that Asian countries possess 40 % of European bonds of public debt."
That is why the right-wing liberal governments Europeans of all acronyms, them legs start shaking the require China to meet the most basic rights of workers, offering European assets into the bargain and slave labour to placate European The Chinese Dragon.
Patience China may be infinite but not inexhaustible.
Back to Spain, what's going on with our debt?
31 may 2017 the public debt of Spain skyrockets to 100,33 % of GDP
Who got some of our public debt?
These are 2014 data
" the latest data October 2014 indicate that the Spanish government debt annotated reaches 716.000 million euros (not counting the debt of the autonomous communities). Of that amount, 343.000 million are in the hands of non-residents, or, which is the same, 48 %. If China had a 20 per cent of total Spanish debt, this would mean that would be almost Half of the debt in foreign hands "
It's funny that the countries with more foreign debt, are the ones with their ports at the feet of the horses:
" this situation is not unique to Spain in the eurozone, as others like Greece (176,9 %), Italy (132,7 %), Portugal (129 %), Belgium (106 %) and Cyprus (108,9 %) also exceed that limit. "
Before this panorama of debt beyond the 100 %, and being china which in theory holds 20 % of that debt, now we started to raise the footsteps that Spain and his liberal government system and destroyer of freedoms European, so fervently supported the destruction of the stowage system, which was what pedia cosco, to settle in Spanish ports.
Let's compare the visit of Tsipras China prior to the sale of assets in port full Greek crisis, the last visit of our gonierno, accompanied by the head of the ports and infrastructure of our country.
" Rajoy, in China, he sees an opportunity to Spain in the silk road after leaving " with force " of the crisis "
That's gonna cost us this visit? Will be the finding of the plan of selling our infrastructure for China to keep business venture debt and keeping this government in exchange for slavery of the twenty-first century?

Tecum Seh
From a docker of Spain..I agree 200%
'If you think we're not right, you're insulting me. If you hate stevedores, if you're against the stowage ... you're against me. I can not be friends on Facebook, much less in the real life of someone who tries to attack my life, still further still ... Everything that so much effort, time and money has cost; And not only that, but most of us have paid a high personal price, not to mention all those factors such as shifts, schedules, weather, risks ... Therefore, I invite everyone to leave this account Against this profession, against this lifestyle, against this great family of fucking anonymous and unknown heroes, who struggle to get ahead with a pair of well-laid eggs. I do not make public statements. Who really knows us, really knows our working conditions. You are with me or you are against me ... Strength and honor! Or all or none! Not a step back!'

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