Sunday, 23 April 2017

New build MSC Viviana sails to Felixstowe on her maiden voyage. 22nd April 2017.

New build MSC Viviana makes her maiden call to the Port of Felixstowe with a draft of 13.2 metres from her last port of Algeciras. When she left Malaysia she had a draft of 15.5 metres but calling in Algeciras first on the western leg of the voyage she became 2.3 metres lighter.

The pilot left Harwich on a pilot launch to board the Viviana 12 nautical miles out in the North Sea at the Sunk Pilot Station. Just after 1700 local time the pilot boards and informs Harwich VTS that he is onboard, heading inbound with no defects and from her last port of Algeciras. VTS replies that there is a ready berth on Felixstowe Berth 8 planned portside to, wind was Easterly 10 to 12 knots and no traffic to affect the passage in. The pilot requests 2 tugs for berthing, the first to meet at 7&8 Buoys and the second at the Platters.

MSC Viviana in the South Ship Wash heading towards the Harwich Approach Buoy, the Svitzer Kent eases away from the tug pontoon and makes her way out to meet around 7&8 Buoys to be made fast on the centre lead aft. A short while later the Svitzer Shotley heads out and positions on the most aft pushing point on the starboard side ready for the 90° Beach End turn into the harbour. Passing the Platters the pilot needs a little help steering the stern around the corner so the Svitzer Kent goes out on the port quarter at full line load for a powered in-direct.

Coming onto a Northerly heading and the speed through the water decreasing rapidly, the Kent struggled to keep the full line load as they were overtaking the Viviana so they eased up and came straight astern ready to be Viviana's hand break.

Svitzer Shotley comes away from the pushing point to be made fast on the starboard quarter. Svitzer Kent puts 50% power astern to slow her up for the swing off the berth. Once the speed has dropped off the Kent moves out onto the port quarter to swing the stern but Viviana was close to the North Shelf Buoy so the Kent had to wait for the gap to open up before putting weight on the line while the Shotley moves to the most aft pushing point on the starboard side and begins to push 50%.

The Stena Hollandica slowly making her way in for Parkeston Quay on reduced speed while the MSC Viviana swings for the berth As she comes around the Beach End the Viviana is still swinging so the Hollandica had to stop just inside the harbour at the North West Beach Buoy until the pilot onboard the Viviana was happy for her to pass.
MSC Viviana slowly edging towards the berth, the pilot gives the ok for the Stena Hollandica to proceed.

The pilot had got the position almost perfect with only 5 metres to come astern. Svitzer Kent moves around to the starboard side in a check position while the Shotley pushes her onto the berth.
About to come alongside the Shotley pushes up 200% to hold her alongside to make fast on Felixstowe Berth 8.

Final tie up 5 and 2 each end with spring lines first for and aft.

Dean Cable
EDT 0400 on 24th April 2017.

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