Friday, 31 March 2017

These Are The First Ever Spreader/Cab Connected Cranes Ever Made

 Actually, these were among some of the first cranes installed in Seattle, there were earlier ones over at Sea-Land installed in the 60s.
Too my understanding, Matson in Oakland had the first container crane on the West Coast. As an FYI I operated the cranes depicted in the photo near the end of their operational life.
And they are still in use today...

 Retired a few years ago. Built between '72 and '74

As for the ship in the original photo, This is an original press photo. Japanese container ship Golden Arrow loads 442 trailerable metal boxes Friday at Terminal No. 2 in what dock officials termed the largest vanship load to leave Portland harbor. Ship's arrival inaugurated Japanese Six-Line vanship service to Portland, with stops to be made here every 29 days. Above, left, the record load of containers is shown stacked two and three tiers high in the 26-acre Portland Terminal.Photo measures 10 x 8.25inches. Photo is dated 12-13-1976.

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