Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Ex Hanjin Europe sails to Felixstowe as MSC Topaz completely empty 29th march 2017

Published on 29 Mar 2017
Ex Hanjin Europe now the MSC Topaz was sold to MSC as the 7th largest shipping company called in the liquidators to settle their huge debt. As time went on all Hanjin ships with several millions of dollars of cargo stranded out in international waters while plans were put in place to unload the cargo. As the plans were put in place, funds had to be found so ports could be paid before ships were allowed to berth for a complete unload then head straight back out into international water and to the unknown future.

Hanjin Europe had unloaded at Hamburg in September 2016 and then headed to the anchorage off Rotterdam before being sold off to MSC and having her name changed MSC Topaz. she was one of the largest in Hanjin's fleet at 13000TEU.

The ship now the MSC Topaz leaves international waters off Rotterdam and started her first voyage with a first call to the Port of Felixstowe.

The pilot boards her at the Sunk pilot station and slowly heads inwards as the Seago Antwerp departing Felixstowe Berth 6 calls another tug to help her off the berth as the wind causes problems for departing ships. MSC Topaz passes the Seago Antwerp just before the 7&8 buoys. Svitzer Sky heads out to be the first tug and is made fast on the centre lead aft. As she was so light the wind was pushing on the portside and slowing her as she was rounding the Beach End into the harbour. Svitzer Shotley waited for her to come on a northerly heading before making her approach to be made fast on the centre lead forward. In the middle of the harbour she swings to port and backs up toward her berth to go portside to Berth 7.

Dean Cable

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