Thursday, 28 April 2016

Margrethe Maersk departing Felixstowe 27th April 2016

Published on 28 Apr 2016

The mighty Margrethe Maersk at a length of 4 football pitches departs Felixstowe berth 8 with assistance of 3 Svitzer tugs for the starboard swing off the berth and heading out for Tangier Med. She left with a draft of 12.9m and a decent stack of empty containers on top deck to be filled again. The tugs work together to swing her around and heads out with the Svitzer Deben on centre lead aft ready for powered in-direct around the Beach end (90 degree turn out of the harbour.) Svitzer Stanford sits along the portside just incase she is needed around the corner to push out of trouble

Dean Cable

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