Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Norway Dockers Dispute

I have been asked to post this by Svein Lundeng on behalf of the Norway Dockers

Some 250 people was gathered outside the Oslo Port Athority office monday 22 June to show the Oslo Dockers solidarity in their fight for a Collective Agreement. 

 On behalf of Norwegian Dockers and all the great people and unions supporting them!

Yilport refuses to sign a collective agreement with Transport Workers Union, and would rather use its own employees, with the result that 22 dockers were dismissed and 14 laid off.

WATCH A FEW MINUTES OF VIDEO FROM THE DEMONSTRATION AGAINST YILPORT IN OSLO 22.6.2015.The Dockers got five minutes to remove after the police arrived.(This is from blocking Yilport earlier same day) 

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Send an e-mail to the port autorities to help our comrades in Oslo! Just copy and paste the message as shown below.

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