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McLaughlin & Harvey has been awarded the contract to deliver the next phase of development at the Liverpool2 deep-water container terminal. The multi-million project will significantly increase the footprint of the site  and see the addition of ten cantilever rail mounted gantry cranes (CRMGs) and three ship-to-shore cranes (STS).
The STS cranes are scheduled to arrive in November 2019 with the overall project expected to be completed during 2021. Detailed design and preparatory civil works have already commenced.
There will also be additional reefer points installed to allow the terminal to handle even greater quantities of refrigerated containers at the Port of Liverpool.
Opened  in November 2016, Liverpool2 is a £400m investment that provides a state-of-the-art ocean gateway for international trade to and from the UK. The deep-water facility is capable of accommodating the world’s largest container vessels and connects road, rail and canal networks linking directly to the heart of the UK mainland, accessing a catchment of over 35 million people, almost 53% of the UK’s population.
Mark Whitworth, CEO of Peel Ports said: “Since originally announcing our expansion plans we have gone on to secure some of the world’s major shipping lines as customers at the Port of Liverpool. That, and our growing customer base, is a vote of confidence in the North of England as a competitive route to international markets and a major port for global trade. We look forward to working with the team at McLaughlin & Harvey to deliver the next phase that will provide even more capacity to help meet growing demand.”

Port crane hits port mobile crane, Cartagena- STS crane collides MHC

One dead and two injured leave accident in Contecar


September 19, 2019 07:40 PM


Screenshot of a video that circulates on social networks.
A tragic occupational accident happened today in the Contecar terminal.

As he knew this medium, the accident occurred when a mobile crane was moving a structure, which, being very heavy, caused the machinery arm to drop and fall on a worker of the Seimar company, who apparently served as stevedore.

Unfortunately, this person lost his life at the scene and two others were injured. The latter are being treated at a medical center in the city and are currently out of danger.

After the events, a forensic team from the Technical Investigation Corps of the Prosecutor's Office made the corresponding proceedings.

On the other hand, the company through a statement lamented what happened and reiterated its commitment to the safety of all its employees. “Contecar deeply regrets this fact, stands in solidarity with the families of those affected and will be attentive to give them all their support. The Seimar company has already contacted the family of the affected ”.



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3- VIDEO: Port crane hits port mobile crane, Cartagena-Video-STS crane collides MHC1


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Portico crane hits port mobile crane, Cartagena-Video-STS crane collides MHC. Video received from a reader. Video received from a reader.
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Compiled and translated into English by Gustavo Zamora *, Buenos Aires (Argentina) for gruasytransportes.

(*) Gustavo Zamora is a specialist in lifting and cargo handling equipment. Lives and works in Buenos Aires (Argentina)


One dead and two injured leave accident in Contecar (gz38),

Audio accident Cartagena (gz38), KB, KD,

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STS crane collides MHC in Cartagena

One dead and two injured due to the accident in Contecar

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Published on September 19, 2019 at 07:40 PM

How millions invested in scrap metal processing plant has massively boosted firm's overseas trade

From left, Adrian and David Dodds, joint managing directors at Sackers Picture: LYNDON HACKETT

A Suffolk scrap metal processor has seen world demand for its goods soar after investing heavily in shredding and granulating machines.

Sackers in Great Blakenham

Sackers, which has recycling sites at Great Blakenham and Needham Market, has seen 77% growth in overseas trade since 2016 - an average of 21% a year.
Its scrap metal processing plant sorts scrap metal into purer ferrous (iron) and non-ferrous groups and sells the product for recycling to manufacturers in countries mainly outside the European Union including India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong. A small amount also goes to Spain and Belgium.
MORE - Ipswich scrap metal workers find £20k stashed in dumped safeThe Ipswich-based business believes its £3m investment in 2008 in one of the only metal shredders of its size in the region - capable of processing large metal items like aircraft and cars - has paid off. 
In 2018, it invested a further £1m in a cable granulator to accommodate China's zero-waste policy, which means metals such as copper are exported in their purest form.
Sackers in Great Blakenham

The recycling firm, which is within easy reach of the Port of Felixstowe via the A14, says its position is ideal for exports.
It has set up its own shipping department to enable it to control its cargo, and offer better prices for customers - and flexibility.
Joint boss David Dodds said: "We've been exporting for about 20 years and initially it was small scale, but it became a priority for us when the steel works slowly shut down in the UK and our markets moved abroad. 
Sackers in Great Blakenham

"This meant we had to start exporting on a bigger scale. It gained momentum pretty quickly and growth was quite exciting. 
"As the international markets change, we adapt - China being the obvious one with its zero-waste policy. We identified that early on so invested to give us a competitive edge."
Fellow joint managing director Adrian Dodds said investment in equipment had been key to the firm's success. "We are always reviewing new machinery and technology that will recover and sort as much material as possible. It usually involves a lot of travelling but it's worth it because in this market we can't stand still and we have to invest not only to have that competitive edge to grow but to adapt to legislation and requirements. 
"Even with our commercial waste, the equipment we have invested in allows us to recycle 92% of it and divert it from landfill."
Sackers in Great Blakenham

The firm is exploring new international markets and technology to keep it ahead of the game, it said.
Sackers, which dates back to the 1920s, sorts scrap metal at Great Blakenham and carries out waste recycling at Needham Market. The business has grown significantly over the last few years and aims to recycle more than 90% of all waste that enters the premises.
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MSC Ambition, Ex Hyundai Ambition arrives in the Harwich Haven for Felixstowe 8. 18th September 2019

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