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Felistowe Dockers

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

What was that HUGE ship sailing down the Mersey?

The Zhen Hua ship arriving in Liverpool after a six-week voyage from China.

This pictures show a giant ship carrying five super-size cranes arriving in the Port of Liverpool after a six-week voyage across the world.
The 760ft-long Zhen Hua ship set off from a dock in Nantong, China, in mid-March and was seen off the coast of Crosby today.
The ship was carrying six cranes that will be used on the £300m Liverpool2 deep-water container terminal construction project.
The scheme, being led by Peel Ports, aims to deepen the Mersey estuary so it can accommodate some of the biggest boats in the world.
Watch: Drone Footage of Liverpool2 cranes arriving into Liverpool

Another Zhen Hua ship – so-called because they are named after the Chinese crane manufacturer – previously visited in Liverpool in November last year to deliver the first five cranes for use in the Liverpool2 project. Jonathan Miller, who took these photographs in Crosby, said: “It was an impressive sight as it sailed in.”
His images show the Iron Men statues along Crosby beach and the offshore wind turbines.
A total of eight ship-to-shore ‘megamax’ cranes and 22 cantilever rail-mounted gantry cranes are being supplied to Peel Ports as part of Liverpool2.
Each crane measures 92m high to the top of the frame, approximately the same as Liverpool’s Royal Liver Building, and 132m high when the boom is raised.
Each crane weighs around 1,600 tonnes.

Liverpool2 a 'New Horizon' video showing the arrival of the cranes into our Liverpool2 development and what this means for the Northern Powerhouse.

Really ??????

Cranes lift Teesport potential

PD Ports has invested £3.2m in 24.6m tall rubber tyre gantry cranes (RTGs) at Teesport. They join the four RTGs which have been operational since the expansion of Teesport Container Terminal 2 in 2011.
The port operator has also placed an order worth more than with Liebherr for a ship to shore crane at Teesport to complement the two already in operation.
The north-east gateway handled 466,000teu in 2015 and has increased its capacity through a recent £35m redevelopment offering some 550m of deep water quay.
PD Ports’ chief executive David Robinson, commented: “We’ve invested over £80m at Teesport over the past five years in developing, upgrading and enhancing capacity to meet the demands of our customers and position the port as the northern gateway for containerised goods serving Northern UK markets.”
He added: “This multi-million pound investment has been an important addition to our wider growth plans at Teesport, and its pivotal role in driving Government plans to rebalance trade through the Northern Powerhouse movement. Ultimately this will provide more direct and efficient routes to market for Northern importers and exporters.”